F2E901EB-F57E-4300-8332-D1E48045C492I am a¬†certified makeup¬†artist with an extreme passion for all forms of art, I love to challenge myself and my abilities by trying more difficult makeup looks. When I began my journey as a makeup artist I started to ask myself in which ways I could challenge myself and my love for art, that’s where I decided to pick up special fx makeup. Special fx allows me to push away from our more simple glam looks and really allow myself to be more expressive.

The most rewarding part about my job is seeing the persons face at the end of our appointment and knowing that your art is allowing this person to fully embrace themselves and all of their beauty. I do believe that beauty comes from within and I am here to just enhance the outer beauty but the most beautiful thing is that confidence that comes within. I feel extremely grateful for every client I book and the fact that they have chosen me out of so many talented artist to be part their special day